Withdrawals to other Schools

I moved to another area in Miami-Dade County:

  1. Copy of Proof of address (Lease, FPL, Utility Bill)
    • Lease
    • FPL / Utility Bill

      If you live with someone else:
      • Address Verification Agreement  FM4686
      • A lease agreement or utility bill with the name of person living with and a copy of their ID.
  1. Copy of official ID (driver’s license / passport)

I would like to transfer to a charter school:

  1. Complete FM7774 given by Charter School
  2. Email form to         kcarroll@dadeschools.net

I would like an Out-Of-Area Transfer:

  1. Complete the Parent Choice Transfer FM3281
  2. Scan and send form to  kcarroll@dadeschools.net